Premium Quality

Premium condoms

My.Size condoms are premium quality condoms, it is an internationally registered trademark of R&S Consumer Goods GmbH, Munich, Germany.

Quality has always been the most critical factor since R&S started manufacturing condoms in 1997. R&S understood that without ultimate quality it would not be able to achieve its business goals. Therefore, extra attention is paid to all parts of the manufacturing process to ensure that quality is never compromised. Strict internal quality control means that production methods and systems exceed the industry standard: EN ISO 4074.

Certifications MY.SIZE condoms

My.Size condoms are CE 0197 marked in accordance with the EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42 ECC as a guarantee of performance and reliability. And, as can be expected from a manufacturer of products of uncompromising quality, all production and management systems fully comply with ISO 13485 for medical devices. MySize’s systems are inspected annually by TÜV Rheinland LGA products GmbH.

Vegan condoms
No animal products are used in the production and manufacture of MY.SIZE condoms.

Ingredients MY.SIZE condoms

My.Size condoms use only first class, pure, natural latex rubber, carefully selected by a technical staff. All My.Size condoms are made of the unique high-quality latex compound, while the lubricant has a smooth formula for greater pleasure.
Simply put, MY.SIZE condoms are made of rubber. To be precise, it is an elastic and relatively durable soft rubber, also called elastomer. It is made from natural rubber latex by vulcanization with a small amount of sulfur.
Natural rubber is the component of latex, also called milky sap, which is a whitish liquid extracted from the rubber tree. Latex is therefore a purely natural product and, in addition to the rubber, consists mainly of water and, to a lesser extent, resins, proteins and minerals.
For the production of MY.SIZE condoms, we use only first-class and, for MY.SIZE PRO, especially pure natural rubber VYTEX latex.
VYTEX latex is highly pure and has been washed several times:
Compared to conventional latex, VYTEX contains over 90% less latex proteins.
This almost completely rids your body of allergenic sensitisation .
For the vulcanisation process and the final composition, ingredients are added which we purchase without exception from reputable and carefully selected suppliers. These small amounts of additives make our condoms particularly elastic, tear-resistant, light and soft.
The full list of ingredients in our latex mixture:
  • Cis-1,4-polyisoprene (natural rubber latex)
  • Tamol (emulsifier)
  • Zinc diethithiocarbamate (accelerator)
  • Di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol (anti-aging agent)
  • Zinc dibutyldithiocarbamate (accelerator)
  • Zinc oxide (vulcanization activator)
  • Sulfur (vulcanizing agent)
  • Potassium hydroxide (soap)
  • Fat alcohol (soap)
  • Potassium oleate (soap)
As a lubricant, we use pure silicone oil, also known as dimethicone.
It is colourless, transparent, considered non-toxic and chemically inert. Its viscosity is 350 centistokes and in this form it is expressly recommended as a lubricant for natural rubber condoms.