Everyone their own size

Everyone's own size condoms

Condoms that fit well are not too tight, and do not slip off.
It is safer, as well as more comfortabel, to have sex with a condom that fits well around your penis. Length is rarely the problem:

  • If the condom is too long, you don’t unroll the last part;
  • If the condom is a little too short, just unroll it as far as you can.

The developers of My.Size and Mister Size condoms have done extensive research into which size condom best fits which penis girth. It is useful to know that the size of condoms is shown as nominal width. This is the width of a condom when lying flat on the table.

To find the right size for you, it is best to measure the girth of your erect penis.

How do you measure the size of your penis for the right size condoms?

With an ordinary tape measure:

Put the tape measure around the penis and read the girth in centimeters.
In the image below, you can see which size condoms are best to choose.


Printing tape measure for condom size

You can download the special tape measure here. Then you can print it out on A4 paper and cut it out.

Visit MeetJePenis.nu with your phone

On the mobile website MeetJePenis.nu, you can use the width of the penis to read the indication of an appropriate condom size. Note that measuring the girth is more accurate though, followed by fitting the condom sizes that match your girth.

NOTE: trying on condoms is the best way

The different ways to measure your condom size are meant to help you find an indication of what size condoms will fit best. But every penis is different and does not have exactly the same girth everywhere along its length. Moreover, condoms are also very elastic. Compare it to shoe shopping: you can measure your shoe size, but then trying on is the best way to determine which size really fits you best. So is it with condoms. That’s why you can also find fitting kits with different sizes of condoms in our shop.